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Madi Lane Nostaglia Collection

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April 2023

Returning to New Zealand, where we launched our first-ever international collection five years ago. Join us as we explore Nostalgia. A collection inspired by a yearning for the familiar whilst forging new pathways.

Each garment is lovingly designed with thoughtful artistry, detail and expert craftsmanship.
Introducing 29 gowns that speak to the signature Madi Lane design featuring embellishments of lace, bead, pearl and 3D accents coupled with new and revolutionary design aesthetics. A collection dedicated to our romantic, minimalistic, sexy, elegant, and daring Madi Lane brides.

Nostalgia is an ode to the brides looking for something different; something uniquely them. Find yourself enveloped in delicate botanic inspired lace, pearls, luxury fabrics and carefully placed sequins.

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